Reclaiming Our Roots: Canada’s First Afrocentric Truth & Reconciliation Jubilee

Reclaiming Our Roots, held in conjunction with Canada’s National Truth and Reconciliation Day, brings together members of the Aboriginal and Afro-Descendant communities to celebrate our resilience and triumphs over oppressive colonial injuries. This event shines a light on the vibrant mosaic of Black and Indigenous consciousness and identity, with a strong Afrocentric perspective on understanding, addressing, and healing the historical, cultural, social, and economic challenges faced by these communities.

By fostering dialogue, sharing experiences, and providing practical tools for healing, we empower personal and community evolution. We reject new forms of colonization and enslavement, cultivating solidarity and paving the way for meaningful change.

Together, we break intergenerational trauma cycles, forging a path towards racial justice where every Black community member can thrive.

This Event Promises…

  • Knowledgeable Keynotes
  • Healing Circles: Nurturing Support and Connection
  • Truth, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation
  • Mindful Fitness

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